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Legal Services + Coaching

Andrea Lyon / Legal Services + Coaching

Civil Litigation

The firm assists clients (people, businesses and non-profits) at the trial and appeals phases in the prosecution of civil rights matters, personal injury claims arising from accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, police misbehavior and injuries from products liability.

In Criminal Trials and Appeals

We help clients accused of serious crimes in all State and Federal Courts, including cases in which the death penalty is invoked, post conviction matters and Habeas Corpus. A former public defender, Ms. Lyon is a nationally recognized defense lawyer with a 19 – 0 record in death penalty cases. Ms. Lyon works with other lawyers in Strategic Alliances in various phases of litigation and appeals, especially with forensic science matters.

Map of the legal process: legal process and post conviction process

Professional Coaching of Public Speakers

Drawing on her extensive litigation experience, media appearances, lectures, and media commentary skills Ms. Lyon helps clients refine their public speaking, self-presentation skills. She has worked with public figures, lawyers and other professionals.

Trial Strategy

I will help you develop a trial strategy that encompasses the aspects of your case that may be unpalatable, while emphasizing those that will help you to win. Often as attorneys we are too wedded to the pure “legal” theory and do not take into account the emotional subtext of the case. As one of the most successful trial lawyers I can improve your courtroom tactics and, when necessary, help you manage the 'court of public opinion' via the 24 hour news cycle.

Jury Selection

I will help you create a jury selection strategy and design a set of questions that will avoid selecting the one (or worse, two) juror(s) with experience or a bias inimical to your case, a fatal result.. I will help you shape a comprehensive voir dire strategy to focus on evaluative criteria to select or exclude potential jurors by evoking substantive and candid answers through questions designed to elicit open and honest answers.